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TG is not a LAN(-party)

By Knuta

A lot of people seem to think TG is a LAN. They are wrong. This page is supposed to explain why, by answering the most common arguments used by people who mistakenly take TG for a LAN.

TG is a LAN!

No. LAN means Local Area Network. TG is a computer party.

But there is a LAN at TG! See? TG is a LAN!

No. There is a computer at my house. That does not make my house a computer.

But TG is a LAN party, and we just say LAN for short!

No. TG is not a LAN party. TG is a computer party.

But LAN party and computer party is the same thing!

No. LAN party and computer party is NOT the same thing.
At a LAN party everything is centered around the network. Everybody just sits there, staring at their screens whilst copying porn, warez and playing games. A computer party is much more. There are competitions, both in computer games and computer art. People meet, people talk, and there is plenty to see and experience even when away from your computer. (I didn't even bring my computer to TG01, and I had a great time!) Sometimes there are shows on the stage (most LAN parties don't even have a stage), and even speeches you can go to to learn more computer stuff. How about learning something new and fun to impress your friends when you get back home?

But I don't care about that other stuff! I just come to TG to copy warez!

So what? If you use your computer solely for typing, does it become a typewriter? No, it does not. The fact that some people only come to TG to plug into the network does not change the fact that TG offers so much more. I advice you to open your eyes and try to experience the real spirit of TG. Meet some new people. Learn some new stuff. Check out what happens at the stage. Participate in the compos. Watch the compos.

Have fun.

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