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Where:The Viking ship, Hamar, Norway
When:Wednesday April 8th 08:00-
Sunday April 12th 16:00
Price:Boys: 300,-
Girls: 150,-
(All prices in NOK)

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Download April 23. 1998

Download some of the contributions from ftp://ftp.gathering.org/incoming/

And get the official results. HTML winner and runner-up.

TG98 finished April 14. 1998
Five hectic days are over, and we are now more or less finished with the cleaning up. When we have gotten our breath back we will make all the compo-contributions available for download.

Party has been rolling for some hours now and people are getting settled down in the hall. No big lines this year.

Partyweb [some point in 2010]
The TG98 party-web has also been rescued (twelve years after the party). You can find it here.

The Gathering close to launch April 6. 1998
As The Gathering approaches fast, be advised that table reservations are now closed. Those without a reserved table can do so at TG, but these people will handled a bit slower than those who managed to squeeze thru.
Also be aware that we don't have time to read email these last few hours before we open, so if you send us any mail you can not expect an answer.

The KANDU bustrip from Oslo S is still on, and people who wants to use this bus, should contact Bole in mail, or voice at: +47-91321472. Check the transportation pages for a schedule.

Winner found for TELL-COCA-COLA-ABOUT-TG compo April 5. 1998
The grand winner of 5 tickets to TG98 is Zonix, or Simon Olsen, with his grand poem (translated from Norwegian) "What is the Earth without the Sun, what is TG without Cola? Hva er jorda uten sola? Hva er TG uten Cola?" The ASCII drawing of the cokebottle was the winning touch! Congratulations to a deserving winner.

Fake tickets rumoured to be in existence April 3. 1998
From IRC, we've picked up rumours about fake tickets being produced and sold. This is a bad thing, especially for those who sell AND buy these tickets. TG entrance system will EASILY detect fake tickets. Anyone caught USING these tickets will be made a citizen arrest of and turned over to the police. If you were fooled into buying any fake tickets, immediately report the seller to the police. The penalty for document forgery of monetary instruments is PRETTY hefty. And to the forger(s), TG Organizers have had thermal printers since 1982. We know ALL the tricks, so give us SOME credit!

Meet Lara Croft by winning a trip to the E3 conference! April 3. 1998
In the Java/HTML compo, one GRAND winner will win an all paid trip to the Mekka of computergaming. The E3 conference is THE games event of the year. This year in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The prize is given by Telenor Nextel. The editor will resign from TG Organizing to compete for this SUPREMO-prize! Lara Croft+Editor=FUN FUN FUN IN THE SUN! PS! You still have to check up Lara yourself when you get to E3 in May 27-30.

6Mbit internet line at TG98 April 3. 1998
Our main sponsor Telenor Nextel has already set up the rad line of 6Mbit Internet line (about triple of last year) which will allow you to surf of all your hearts content. Various proxies and other helping items from the serversponsor IBM will make Internet seem like a net instead of a swamp.

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